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This is some of the most frightening video you’re gonna see this week.  You know it’s one thing to see something like this on a movie screen-you know it’s fake and no one was hurt.  It’s an entirely different thing to see something like this, for real.  It is terrifying!  The good news is, miraculously, no one was hurt in this instance, either.  Like something straight out of a Fast and Furious movie, THIS car jump in Yuba City, California was caught on video.

Car Catapults Off Highway 99 In Yuba City, Crashes Into Road Below

A shocking car crash in Yuba City was caught on a truck's dashcam video which shows a vehicle flying through the air before slamming into the road below.

Somehow her car navigated through power lines before crashing back on the highway.  It is almost impossible to believe, but not only did the driver survive, but she walked out of the hospital after somehow suffering only minor injuries. Alcohol was NOT a factor, just reckless and dangerous driving.