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When it comes to creating online content, for all the dumb/dangerous ideas, when you come across something as smart as this, you have to give the devil his due.  This Spanish user of TikTok  has cultivated millions of views and followers by filming and posting videos like this of Spain as completely empty.  His angle is he claims that he woke up from a coma only to find that the world around him is completely devoid of human and animal life and it’s the year 2027.


Espero poder encontrar algo!!!

♬ Way down We Go - KALEO

He started posting videos like this in February and it’s really cool to check out.  The  TikTok account called @unicosobreviviente, Spanish for “the only survivor.”   The man’s name is  Javier and I would think the hardest thing for him at this point is keeping the videos pure and completely clear of anyone/anything else.  Every one of these is like Will Smith’s “I Am Legend.”