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There are two things that I’m going to say after watching this trailer and before you do.  First, this documentary is set in an Oakland, California, high school.  Their environment and culture could not be more 180 degrees from ours.  And two, our son was a member of the class of 2020 and this may hit too close to home for me (or parents of this class).

Homeroom - Trailer (Official) * A Hulu Original

Do not discount the voices of young people. #HomeroomOnHulu, directed by Pete Nicks and produced by Ryan Coogler, premieres August 12.Oakland High School's c...

It appears this film was meant to be one thing, and then (because of the circumstances that occurred in March of 2020) became something entirely different.  The first part of this trailer explores the controversial relationship between the police and brown-skinned students both on school grounds and off.  And then, the pandemic hits.  This is the part I’m not ready for.  I still feel my son’s pain at losing the final three months of his senior year.  And then, the doc comes back to the original focus with the George Floyd incident and all it inspired.  Honestly, the definitive documentary of this class to me would be one that glosses over the school year right up to the pandemic and then follows the students through that spring, summer, and into the fall.  Maybe that will be done someday.  “Homeroom” begins streaming on Hulu August 12.