Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

I have lived on my little farm for three gardening seasons now and finally at long last I have some vegetables.  Full disclosure, it is a garden I share with my neighbors and truth be told, if it weren’t for them I doubt I would have vegetable one.  I love everything in there but I sure do love the tomatoes the most.

I guess it’s because it is the first time we have had this amount of tomatoes but they sure got the attention of a big fat fluffy green caterpillar.  If he weren’t wiping out my maters I would think he was kinda cute.  I quickly found out that not only is he not cute but he could wipe out an entire plant in less than 24 hours.

Now we are finding out that tomatoes send out an electric warning signal to the rest of the plant when an insect such as the hungry hungry caterpillar attacks.  According to this study the alarm system is so sensitive  that even the tiny footsteps of a caterpillar can set it off.

According to this study this system triggers the release  of defense hormones and that helps protect the plant…it adds fuel to the theory that plants do have their own type of feelings and communication.  Foul tasting chemicals are reportedly let out by stalks leaves and branches making them less appealing to hungry bugs.

Source: The Hookup

This may be well and good but no amount of communication from the plant itself stops by bugs in Clover.  That guy keeps on munching unless they get a mouthful of seven dust.