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My mother gave me some advice the night before my wedding and I am sure it wasn’t great advice.  She said when it comes to marriage, you “don’t have to tell him everything you know”.  Bless her heart.  She meant well but I am finding this time around that honesty is indeed the best policy.  I did recently make an exception and I will share that with you in just a moment.

A new survey just released says 40 percent of married people admit keeping secrets from their spouses but most have nothing to do with an affair or fantasy.

16 percent of both men and women admitted that at least once during their marriage they wish they could could wake up and not be married anymore.  Yikes.

14 percent kept quiet about being attracted to another person.  Grey area?

15 percent are quiet about a failure at work or a child’s behavior.

48 percent said they had not told their spouses about the real price of something they bought.  Guilty.

Brutal honesty really is the best policy and don’t omit the truth, that is just as bad.

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