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Okay, no more teasers, no more quick glimpses on YouTube, no more rumors…at yesterday’s Comic Con @home, Showtime finally unveiled a full trailer for its Season Nine “Dexter” revival coming this fall.  Michael C. Hall’s “Dexter Morgan”-after faking his death in the series’ finale-has now relocated to frigid upstate New York from sunny Miami where he now goes by Jim Lindsay, a sales associate at the fictional Fred’s Fish & Game.

I love the symbolism of  Del Shannon’s “Runaway,” as apparently, Dexter is trying to leave his previous life as a serial killer behind.  Of course, it’s “Dexter,” so you know this is an impossibility.  This Season Nine will be ten episodes and debuts on Showtime November 7.  AND…according to Hall, this may not be the last we see of “Dexter.”  How great does that sound?!