Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

If you’ve been in a job interview you probably dreaded this question because it is hard to know how to answer.  Sooner or later the interviewer will ask you about your weakness.  The common advice is to pick a weakness that isn’t one at all but sometimes that does not register as genuine.

As a matter of fact if you get this answer wrong it can make you look a little too arrogant.  The folks at have a better idea.  They suggest picking a weakness that really isn’t all that relevant to the job.

Here is their example;”Well, accounting really isn’t my thing. I understand the basic idea behind bookkeeping but i don’t really get the nitty gritty details.  Of course that’s also why I’m applying for this job in human resources.  I think it’s leverages my strength and steers clear of the technical skills that I haven’t heard yet…like accounting”.

When you do this according to the experts, you get to be completely  honest without really hurting your chances of getting the job.  The interviewer does not expect you to be perfect and your honesty will be considered refreshing.

Source: Interprep