SAN DIEGO, CA - JUNE 2: A swarm of bees covers a microphone behind home plate during the third inning of a baseball game between the San Diego Padres and the Miami Marlins at Petco Park June 2, 2019 in San Diego, California. The bees caused a delay of game. (Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images)

A man is dead, several others hospitalized with hundreds of stings from a swarm of bees in Arizona. While I’m not terrified of bees, I’m not looking to be stung. Unlike people who are allergic, I have been and always assumed I’d be fine in the future if I get stung. But clearly, that isn’t always the case. One person died and 3 others were hospitalized after a bee attack near Tucson, Arizona.

Officials say the people were passing through a neighborhood in Marana last week when they were stung hundreds of times.  The swarming bees came from a 100-pound beehive that was found in a nearby tree. A firefighter who was called to the scene was also stung at least 60 times. Following the incident, bee handlers were called in and removed the massive hive. My mom actually walked over a yellow jacket nest that was in my parent’s back yard a few years ago. She was outside with my dog and both of them were stung multiple times. It was terrible to watch how much pain they were in and that wasn’t even near as bad as this situation. Be sure to monitor your property and if you notice signs of any type of bee, yellow jacket, or hornet’s nest take the proper steps to get it removed before it becomes an issue.