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When I was hanging out with Trent Tomlinson a couple of weeks ago prior to his show at Coyote Joe’s, I was teasing him about all the money he’s made writing hit songs for other people.  Just in the last year or so he’s had number one hits with Parmalee (“Close Your Eyes”),  and of course with Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know.”  His response was to say, “Wait until you hear the one I’ve got coming from Scotty McCreery.”  He said it was all about George Strait, and being a native Texan-raised on The King-of course I’m all in on “Damn Strait.”

Scotty’s first country concert was one featuring George Strait, Reba McEntire, and Lee Ann Womack.  He loves Strait.  BTW-if you don’t?  We can’t be friends. <g>  He’s been performing this at fairs and festivals this summer while on tour and will release this song as a single on September 17.