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25th February 1955: A sponge birthday cake has chocolate icing and five candles. (Photo by Chaloner Woods/Getty Images)

This lady makes me smile.

This 93-year-old woman has an obsession. It’s not an unusual collection of plates or a passion for exotic reptiles. It’s a song, and one song only—The Hokey Pokey. For Phyllis Brinkerhoff—Mrs. B. as she’s affectionately known around the town in Prairie Village, Kansas—that really is what it’s all about.

Mrs. B is loved in her neighborhood and the neighbors decided to surprise her on her birthday. This story from CBS News is just adorable. I’m sure you will want to do the Hokey Pockey with Mrs. B.

93-year-old's obsession with the Hokey Pokey culminates in flash mob

Phyllis Brinkerhoff is obsessed with the Hokey Pokey. She talks constantly about it to her neighbors. So they surprised her with a flash mob for her birthday...