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Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

These are two lucky kitties that were rescued and re homed .  But poor Finn , he was cold alone and hungry for 52 days after his owners left without him.  No word on if the owner meant to come back and something happened to him or if he was just outright abandoned.  Either way, Finn the amazing feline managed to survive for 52 days with no food.

To survive Finn ate paper.  Near the end of August the new owners showed up and were shocked to see a thin, malnourished cat race past them as they opened the front door of their new property. They had bought the place at an auction so this was the very first time they had even been in the house.

An animal shelter was contacted and they were able to catch him.  Turns out the former owner got out of there on July 1 and the cat had been struggling ever since.  He apparently was able to find a water source somewhere most likely through a leaky faucet somewhere.  To learn more and to see a picture of sweet Finn go right here

Interested in adopting a kitty right here in Charlotte?