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For just about every law, rule, or “mandate” (our new synonym for these it seems) you have in life, there will always be something or someone in a situation that makes you say, “Yeah, but what about this!”  Allison Williams has been a sideline reporter for more than a decade of football seasons.

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The latest sidelines that provide her port of call are those she patrols for ESPN.  She will not be patrolling them this year.  You see, at a time when Covid-19 vaccinations have now been mandated by employers and the federal government Allison Williams and her husband are trying to have a baby.  And therefore, to me, she becomes a classic example of  “Yeah, but what about this?” when it comes to a mandate.  Her Tweet yesterday pretty much says it all.

I hope everyone gets the vaccine.  I’m a big believer it doing so.  I also am a big believer in there are exceptions to every rule (or “mandate”).  And clearly, Allison Williams is a big one.  I wish her and her family NOTHING BUT THE BEST, and can’t wait to see her on the sidelines, doing what she loves, again soon.  I also can’t wait to hear about a new baby that she goes home to.