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Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

Alligators are going to do what alligators do and if you show up in their waters, there’s a good chance they might just see if you are snack.  Vicki Baker found this out the hard way while she was paddle boarding recently in the Silver Springs State Park in Ocala, Florida.

The water sure is pretty and it is so clear you can see the gator coming from a little ways away.  A gator tried to bite Vicki and it is all caught on video.  Apparently someone had been feeding the reptile which of course is stupid and very dangerous.  It makes them less afraid of humans and when they do see one they might assume you have something for them to eat.

In her video she captioned, someone has been feeding him and made him very dangerous, he’s a big boy.

Alligator swims toward woman, tries to bite paddleboard at Central Florida park

A Central Florida woman says someone has been feeding a large gator after video shows it coming toward her and trying to bite her paddleboard.FOX 35 Orlando ...

Here are some recent pics of my close encounter with a gator at my sister’s new home at Sunset Beach.