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We actually did this story on “Other News…” last week, and I remember saying at the time, “Dang, I wish I could see video of this.”  Well, thank you TikTok.  Flower girls have always been a part of every wedding I’ve ever been to.  There’s always the “awwwww” as the cute girl sashays down the aisle dropping rose petals or just carrying flowers.  Well, it’s time to punt the flower girl.  It’s 2021, and the “beer boy” has arrived.  That’s right, in lieu of having some cute girl, just have some dude in a Hawaiian shirt strolling down the aisle tossing beers into the crowd.

I mean how great is this idea?  Let’s be honest here.  How much more tolerable would every wedding you’ve ever attended be if you could enjoy a cold one during the ceremony?  IKR?!