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We’ve covered the exploits of Idaho’s David Rush here before.  If you follow his YouTube Channel, you know that each week he attempts to break another record held sacred by the people at Guinness.  I think now he holds more than 250 records.  Anyway, of all the stupid records Rush has chosen to attempt/break, this HAS to be the most ridiculous.  Apparently, there is a record for moving water from one receptacle to another using only your hands.

Most Water Moved with the Hands in 30 Seconds World Record

David Rush makes another Guinness World Records ittle attempt.

Ta-da!  David Rush is now a world recorder holder for using his hands to move more than 114 fluid ounces of water between two containers.  Again, who knew the world needed a record like this, right? The goal to beat was 87.9 fluid ounces, which was set in 2019. Rush smashed that record by moving 114.1 ounces of water in the 30-second time limit.