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If there’s one thing you NEVER want to do, it’s get into a fight with a rattlesnake.  Growing up in Texas, you are taught to listen for and fear the sound of that distinctive rattle that warns you that you are too close.  That being said, if  you get the chance to watch one rattlesnake duke it out with another rattlesnake (from a safe distance, of course)?  Hell to the yeah! Check out these two.  If you’ve ever wondered how snakes fight, apparently it’s by using their bodies as weapons against the other.  I guess rattlesnakes are immune to rattlesnake venom?  How does it end?  Check it out below.

#WildlifeWednesday Timber Rattlesnake Combat Dance

While on a hike in Washington County, Justin Harris had a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a pair of male timber rattlesnakes engaged in a "combat dance," a highly ritualized competition. The objective of the behavior is to determine which of the two is the dominant male, with the winner usually mating with a nearby female. Males will face each other with their heads and forward part of their bodies raised. Intertwining their necks, each snake will try to push the other to the ground to establish superiority. This behavior has been observed in all three of Virginia's venomous snakes--copperhead, cottonmouth and timber rattlesnake. However, it is a folklore that during this period (mating season) they are more aggressive towards humans. #WildlifeWednesdayVideo courtesy of White Blaze Outdoors

Posted by Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources on Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Thanks the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources for this awesome video of nature in combat.