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This is some of the most stunning footage I’ve seen in a while.  I think because it looks like something in a Disney movie that’s actually come to life.  I mean, you have no trouble imagining an animated barnyard where a chicken comes under attack from a hawk, and the rest of the animals come to its aid and rescue.  That being said, it’s something altogether different when you see it happen FOR REAL!

Farm Animals Protect Chicken Friend from Hawk Attack || Dogtooth Media

These farm animals transformed into heroes like those in tear-jerking cartoon Animals of Farthing Wood - as a goat and rooster rushed to save their chicken p...

Out of nowhere comes this hawk when the chicken is just minding its own business.  And equally out of nowhere comes a goat and a rooster stepping up to fight the predator off.  Now, in the grand scheme of things, I get why the rooster would be interested in saving his chicken, but the goat?!  Crazy, right?  BTW, if you were wondering, this took place in the Netherlands, so perhaps inter-species relations just might be better over there?