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“There’s a difference between an announcer and a voice.  An announcer calls the game.  A voice makes you LIVE the game.”  This quote from the trailer of ESPN’s forthcoming “More Than A Voice,” is the truest thing about sports broadcasting I’ve ever seen.  Chances are, whoever your “team” is, there’s a voice that you will forever associate with that team.  For me, growing up a Baylor Bear fan in Texas, Frank Fallon was the voice of the Bears.  And I was lucky enough to actually get my radio start thanks to Mr. Fallon who proved to be an even better man than he was a broadcaster, and he’s a Hall of Fame broadcaster.  Another  example?  Try to imagine UNC basketball without the voice of Woody Durham?  Anyway, Kenny Chesney has teamed up with ESPN Films for a special documentary on legendary SEC play-by-play voices.  The 11th season of “SEC Storied” will feature a 90-minute film titled “More Than a Voice,” which documents legendary play-by-play football legends of the SEC such as Alabama’s Eli Gold and Tennessee’s John Ward. “It was important for me to be a part of this film because John Ward was such a big part of my life growing up and loving sports in east Tennessee,” Chesney said about the film.

ESPN Films presents "More Than A Voice" (Trailer) - coming Sept. 26th

The 11th season of SEC Storied begins Sunday, September 26, with "More Than a Voice." The 90-minute film, which spotlights iconic football play-by-play voice...

“More Than a Voice,” was executive produced by Chesney and will air on September 26th at 7 pm ET on the SEC Network.  Having lived more than a decade in SEC Country (South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama), I can tell you these guys are icons to their fan bases.  And watching this trailer reminds me of Larry Munson (pictured above), the legendary voice of the Georgia Bulldogs.  There was no one better or more entertaining-ever.