Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

He had to be nervous.  Who wouldn’t be?  Our very own multi platinum selling artist Jimmie Allen made his dancing debut last night on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.  I was nervous for him, so how did he do?

His prerecorded dancing rehearsal package was adorable.  He met his pro Emma and they seemed super pleased to be paired together.  And he looked great.  We have met Jimmie many times and he is always so laid back and funny!  And I thought that came across wonderfully.  Next up, the live dance.

His first dance was a tango.  Not easy but he came out on the first note with some kind of fancy footwork and I thought, ok, he’s got this.  And He did!  I thought he was wonderful.  He seemed to be rushing a bit but he has tons of potential, was really entertaining to watch, seemed to nail the steps and he looked like he was having fun.  But the judges were not as kind as I thought they should have been.

Check out his performance right here.