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Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

He has used the catch phrase “come on in guys” for the past 41 seasons on Survivor but now that is changing.  Jeff Probst, host of the show for the past twenty years, usually brings in the contestants with his famous phrase when challenges begin or when he is gathering the crew for any reason at all.

I suppose it is an attempt at “being woke” but during last nights show he asks the contestants if it is still ok for him to continue using the phrase.  Perhaps someone thought it was not inclusive enough.  At first they all agreed that the phase was alright with them but then things changed.

A 31 year old contestant later spoke up and said he had been thinking about the phrase and would like a change.  So now instead of Probst saying “Come on in guys”  , he will simply say “come on in”.

Honestly?  Does the phrase “come on in guys” really step on anyone’s toes?  We had a great solution in the it southern style and say “Ya’ll come on in” and be done with it.

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Survivor Supercut - Come on in Guys - Jeff Probst

Survivor Supercut - Come on in Guys - Jeff Probst