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I’ll admit it.  I’m obsessed with vampire movies.  Good ones, bad ones, dreadful ones, funny ones, I don’t care.  If it’s got a vampire in it, I’ll watch it.  Not sure which category this one is going to fall under, but the trailer for “Night Teeth” starring Debbie Ryan, Megan Fox (pictured above), and Lucy Fry, has me more than intrigued.

Night Teeth | Official Trailer | Netflix

Benny's entire world is turned upside down after picking up two mysterious girls who expose him to a secret world he never knew existed. He is suddenly hurle...

The official synopsis reads:  “To earn some extra cash, quirky college student Benny moonlights as a chauffeur for one night. His task: drive two mysterious young women around Los Angeles for a night of party hopping. Taken captive by his clients’ charm, he soon learns that his passengers have their own plans for him — and an insatiable thirst for blood. As his night spins out of control, Benny is thrust into the middle of a clandestine war that pits rival tribes of vampires against the protectors of the human world.”  “Night Teeth” hits Netflix on October 20.