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When we did this story on “Other News…” the other day, all I could think of was one of my mother’s favorite punishments when I was growing up.  It sounded something like this, “David Charles Nance Jr. I want you to go up to your room, shut the door and just sit and think about what you did.”  I guess football refs are now getting a modified version of this treatment.   So, Keith Dalton his high school football officiating crew were doing their thing last Friday night in Ohio.  The game was between Grove City High School and Central Crossing High School.

Referee crew says they were locked inside locker room

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Apparently, the fans of one side or the other or both were not pleased with the performance of the crew as once the game ended they found themselves trapped in a locker room with a toppled vending machine blocking their door.  Three of the men had to push on the door to release themselves.  And Charges have now been filed.