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Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

Need I say more?

It is that time of year to get yourself a cold brew.  Let’s face it if you are 21 and older and you like it, it is always a great time.  Apparently some cities are better at it than others.  How do we know?  Because there is a survey to tell us, that’s why;)

According to a new survey by Smart Asset. the top ten beer drinking cities is based  on number of breweries, number of beers per brewery and the average price for a pint of beer.

Let’s reveal shall we?  10) Cleveland Ohio 9) Missoula MT 8) Madison WI 7) Bend OR 6) Denver CO 5)Pittsburgh , PA

OK, now it’s getting sporty.  Where does that beautiful North Carolina town fall in line?

4) Portland, OR 3) St Louis, MO 2) ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA  1) Concinatti, OH

So there ya have it.  Asheville is such a perfect place to visit.  I went to college about thirty minutes from there and it is worth the trip.  Now there is another reason to check it out.