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Growing up in Houston, one of the ways to beat the heat in the summertime was to go to Houston Astros baseball games in the air conditioned Astrodome.  And every time we went, my mom and dad would tell me to make sure I bring my glove just in case a foul ball would come our way.  Never once did I get a foul ball when I brought my glove.  However, once, when I was in high school, I took a date to a ballgame and caught it with my bare hand-right before it hit her.  Yes, I was a hero.  That’s what heroes do.  This is an entirely different situation.


Five beers in, and taking my leg off to catch a ball seemed like a great idea #fypシ #mlb #chicago #barstoolsports #amputeelife @Barstool Sports

♬ original sound - Shannon Frendreis

Shannon Frendreis is a Chicago White Sox fan and was recently taking in a game in the outfield.  And doing what those in the outfield seats do, Shannon downed 5 beers and then realized she left her glove at home.  No problem.  Shannon Frendreis just took offer her prosthetic leg-you know, just in case.  That’s about the time White Sox star Yoan Moncada slammed a home run to left field, and guess who caught the ball…unreal.