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I came across this story today and thought, “What was my son doing at 12?”  The answer?  He was an “A”/”B” student, playing for his middle school golf team, and I was thrilled when he came downstairs in the morning and I didn’t have to remind him to zip his pants.  Seriously.  Any way you slice it, college was not an activity on the radar.  That’s why kids like these amaze me.

Brayisha Avery (12)  has enrolled at Metropolitan Community College in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. This to me is quite the achievement while being quite the indictment against traditional education as “Bray” has been homeschooled for the past four years.  She’s also taking high school classes while taking college English.  When you’re already in college at age 12, what are your ambitions?  Well, Brayisha  Avery hopes to finish her college education at Harvard or Yale and then become a basketball player or astronaut.