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I’ve read this headline and seen the below video about a dozen times this morning and I keep coming to the same reaction, “Why?!”  Okay, in all fairness, the above picture of war-torn destruction is how we normally think of Bosnia, so a story like this is great.  Srbac resident, Vojin Kusic designed and built the house to apparently accommodate his wife’s wish to, and I’m quoting here, “to be able to change the position of rooms in her house whenever she wants.”  Look at this thing, it’s like the tea cups ride at Disney.  I’m be puking my guts out.

Bosnian Builds Rotating House

Seeking to please his wife who had wished for a more diversified view from their family house, a Bosnian self-taught innovator has built a rotating house all...

All that being said, it is a marvel of engineering, especially when you consider that Kusic designed and built this thing himself using electric motors and the wheels of an old military transport vehicle.  That’s crazy.  He basically, “Macgyvered” this thing.