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I have always loved watching this event.  First, I think it takes HUGE guts for any man to ask, and any woman to agree to, participation.  Second, what do you do if there comes a time when carrying your wife is no longer a possibility.  It’s a huge ego blow for either him or her-depending on the reason, right?  Anyway, repeating as victors in the North American Wife Carrying Championship this weekend was Delaware’s Olivia and Jerome Roehme.  No video was available from the other day, but here’s their previous triumph.

20th Annual North American Wife Carrying Championship

Team Lovebirds Olivia and Jerome Roehm topped 44 other couples, completing the course in under a minute.Read More

The competition consisted of 16 couples (WAYYYY down from the usual 40-50 couples) traversing a course that’s 278-yards-long and includes two log hurdles and a water obstacle known as “The Widow Maker.”  My favorite part of this?  The prize.  The Roehms won Olivia’s weight in beer and five times her weight in cash. The couple won 144 16-ounce bottles of beer and $570. So, not to spill the tea, but I know you were wondering…Olivia weighs 114 pounds.  The couple will now be entered to compete in the World Wife Carrying Championship in Finland.