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Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

We don’t normally cover any Kardashian news.  You just don’t come here for that and we kind of love that about you.  Kim is making entertainment headlines after hosting SNL on Saturday night. And you know what, she was not bad.

What is the expression, you don’t have to appreciate their game but you can  appreciate their hustle.  Thanks to her Momager, the girl does seem to work.   Her entertainment  beginnings may be shameful to most but that didn’t stop her from using it for a springboard to all kinds of fame and fortune.

I tried to resist watching her monologue but I just couldn’t help myself.  Again, it was not bad.  I could have done without the OJ jokes, I am not sure double murder is ever going to be funny to me especially since one of the victims in that case was a close family friend.  But she went there.  She had some hits too .And roasted everybody.