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We’ve always lived in neighborhoods.  And when you live in neighborhoods, when it comes to holiday decorating, houses fall into one of three categories.  First, there are the houses that do nothing.  These are roughly 1/2.  Then there’s those that do something.  And finally, there are those that go all out (and with HOAs and the like, these are limited in what they can do).  These are in the big minority.  Now, having lived out in rural Union County for the last 7 years, I can tell you that houses that are not in neighborhoods, that go all out-untethered by HOAs, GO ALL OUT….ESPECIALLY for Halloween.  Which brings me to this house on Billy Howey Rd in Monroe on the way to our house.

Creepy AF On Billy Howey

This house usually goes all out at Christmas, but for some reason, they've decided this is the Halloween to just creep everyone out driving on Billy Howey Rd...

Every year, their Christmas display is awesome and you have to drive by about a dozen times before you see it all.  However, I’ve never known them to go crazy for Halloween…that is until this year.  And by going crazy I mean, their display is kinda freaking me out.  You have people hanging upside down from swing sets, you have decapitated clown heads spinning in a fridge, you have dismembered limbs.  Bananas.  You have anyone in your neighborhood that can rival this?