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I am going to preface this blog with the following fact:  there are now multi-generations who probably have NO IDEA about the classic TV show I’m about to describe.  When I was a little boy in the late 1970s and early 1980s, afternoon TV-especially in the summertime-was a good friend.  In a time before cable, you had local TV stations that resemble what is now “Me TV” or “COZI TV”, playing reruns of classic shows.  One of those that I LOVED to watch was a show from the early-mid 1960s called “The Munsters.”  It was a comedy based around Frankenstein (“Herman Munster”) being married to Dracula’s daughter (“Lily Munster”), living with her father (“Grandpa” Dracula), and raising their son (“Eddie,”) who was a wolf boy.  Oh, and the ongoing joke was their niece, “Marilyn,” who lived with them and was a stunning beauty.  Only, because she was not “one of them,” she was considered and pitied as an ugly duckling.

Just watching this season one opening makes me smile.  Anyway, Rob Zombie has been tasked with bringing “The Munsters” to the big screen.  The movie is being produced in Hungary where he’s literally built the iconic Munster home  (1313 Mockingbird Lane).  Yesterday, as filming approaches, he posted this picture on Twitter of his new cast:  Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster, Sheri Moon Zombie plays Lily Munster, and Dan Roebuck has been pegged to play Grandpa Munster.

Here’s the only thing I worry about.  “The Munsters” is a comedy.  Rob Zombie is known for his HARD HORROR pictures (his two “Halloween” movies are easily the most savage and evil in the franchise’s lore).  Please don’t turn “The Munsters” into something that kids can’t see or makes kids like me wince at what we’re watching.