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Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

No matter how much time passes, 90s country icon Vince Gill will always be my favorite artist.  There are many I love but he has a special place in my heart. That beautiful tenor voice, that sweet personality, that good hair, I can go on and on.  I realize it is a major perk of the job to get to hang out with some amazing country artists because there are some people that would give up a lot just go spend a little quality time with their favorite artist.

 Stubhub did a survey and asked the question, “What would you give up to be able to have VIP access to your favorite musician”.  Here are the results: 42 percent of people said they would delete all their social media accounts for a month.

I can see that, not too much of  a sacrifice but it keeps getting stranger. 35 percent of people would give up their phone for a week, 12 percent of people would not shower for a month; 11 percent would pass on a promotion at work; 11 percent would go without toilet paper for a week (ewwww) and get this; 7 percent of people said they would break up with their partners.  What?

I will say this, if you get an opportunity to see and meet your favorite artist I hope it is all you are hoping for.  Trust me, some artists try and make it an amazing experience and some artists would rather be doing anything but meet and greets.  Of course right now, “meet and greets” have been put on hold.

Thanks to my job I have been able to grab a word or two with Vince here and there and it is always amazing.  In his “meet and greets” he keeps it super casual.  Everyone is just in some cool room and he walks around and makes conversation with everyone.  So sweet.  Fun to meet people you admire but they are just people with good days and bad, they just happen to play music for a living.