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Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

A Wisconsin farmer, that looks a lot like Zac Brown by the way, grew a record breaking pumpkin this year but it was disqualified on a technicality .  And he lost out on the $22,000 prize money.

This is such a bummer for Mike Schmitt who has been trying to win this competition for years.  He did indeed have the biggest pumpkin, according to UPI,  tipping the scales at over 2500 pounds, handily winning for weight but after closer inspection by the judges he did not get to keep the coveted crown for long.

The judges inspect these pumpkins with a fine tooth comb and on a closer look discovered a fingernail sized hole in the gigantic gourd .  Mike thinks the imperfection was due to internal pressure.

He has a great attitude .  Mike says “There is no crying in pumpkin growing” and will try again next year.  To learn more about this story just check it out right here