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A new ’2021 Scent’ candle has been launched featuring four iconic smells synonymous with this year.

Following the success of their 2020 Scent last year, Flaming Crap candle company is back to encapsulating some of the year’s quintessential aromas in one scented candle. Just in time for Christmas, you can now buy a limited edition ‘Scent of 2021’ candle, allowing your senses to walk back through the year so far.

So what does 2021 smell like? According to Flaming Crap, this candle takes you on a sensual journey through the year. It has four layers and features four subtle scents. These include layers of berries and cream (the ultimate TikTok trend of 2021), the clinical tinge of vaccines, #FreeBritney (her Fantasy fragrance), and honeycomb, to mark Netflix smash hit Squid Game.

Don’t worry about the environment with this candle, because it is made using vegan soy wax, recycled labels, and packaging. Flaming Crap strives to make all products ethically and environmentally friendly. This limited edition candle is available for £14.99 (around $19.50) from Flaming Crap, a small Yorkshire-based business, alongside other anti-establishment, topical, and pop culture candles. I would 100% get one of these just to see how all those scents blend together.


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