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Charlotte PC Alliance

Let’s wear purple on November 18th to recognize World Pancreatic Cancer Day and hashtag #itsabouttime on social media. Pancreatic Cancer is a tricky one because the pancreas hides behind the stomach making it harder to diagnose. In the photo above you’ll see (from left to right) Grace Lynch, Mark Weber and Patti Weber. They are the founders of the Charlotte Pancreatic Cancer Alliance in Charlotte, North Carolina. The trio has crafted a community group that you can join which creates much needed awareness surrounding pancreatic cancer. They are also members of the World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition, a global consortium that amplifies our voice & raises awareness of pancreatic cancer to save lives.

Patients have different symptoms at different ages and stages. The alarming news is that Pancreatic cancer is predicted to be the second most deadliest of cancers. Let’s give a big virtual hug to the members of the Charlotte Pancreatic Cancer Alliance because their story is precious just like yours. Grace Lynch still remembers her beautiful niece, Carmen Michelle Reyes, diagnosed at the young age of 27. Patti Weber’s loving dad Jim Benson, age 75  noticed rapid weight loss before his pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Mark Weber lost his mom Shirley Weber to pancreatic cancer at the vivacious age of 70. Many of our loved ones are beginning to enroll in clinical trials to prolong their life. Get curious about pancreatic cancer by following this powerful and loving alliance. You can connect with cltpcalliance on several of your favorite planforms.  On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin. YouTube or visit their official website.

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