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Okay kids, a little history lesson for you.  Long before there were streaming services, long before there was “on demand,” and even before cable, if you wanted your fix of comic book characters come to life, there was gathering around the TV on Saturday morning-specifically on CBS.

The “Shazam Isis  Hour” was a weekly deal in the late 1970s where you had a 30 minute adventure from “Shazam” (most often called “Captain Marvel” on the show) and “Isis.”  “Isis” told the adventures of  school teacher  “Andrea Thomas” who after discovering an ancient Egyptian amulet can transform into “The Mighty Isis.”  This character was played by Joanna Cameron.  And yesterday, it was revealed by her “Isis” co-star, Joanna Pang Atkins,  that Cameron has left us.

I distinctly remember watching this show as a boy.  Honestly, I could not have told you “Isis'” real name until I saw it this morning, but it does feel like another piece of my childhood is gone.  RIP Mighty Isis.