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People always say be cautious of relationships that blossom in times of crisis as the the  co-dependency of crisis can easily be mistaken for feelings of true love.  That being said, I find this story completely irresistible.  Jacob Young and Kelsey Dunlap are a pair of ER nurses  at Marietta, Georgia’s Wellstar Kennestone Hospital, who became inseparable during the pandemic.  And now, they will be inseparable for life (hopefully).

And I know we caution all the time against “going big” on the proposal, but this was too cool.  Kelsey thought she was meeting/retrieving a patient from a rooftop helicopter when Jacob appeared from the copter’s other side, dropped to a knee and popped the question.  I think what really makes it for me is the video/audio of the co-workers filming the entire thing.  Just perfect.  Not sure where they plan to get married, but it might not be a bad idea to get away from the hospital scene, tho.