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HOPKINTON, MA - APRIL 21: Dick Hoyt pushes Rick Hoyt as they compete in the 2008 Boston Marathon on April 21,2008 in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Nearly 25,000 people participated in the race. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

This story would be awesome if it just ready like this:  Father and son, Bill and Logan Johncock of Hickory, finally got to run the Boston Marathon they qualified for more than a year ago.  I mean, that’s quite an achievement, right?  Now, what if I told you that they did so with son Logan being pushed by father Bill in a wheelchair?!  This story reminds me so much of the legendary father/son team of Rick and Dick Hoyt (pictured above) who ran marathons and even Ironman events until Dick Hoyt’s passing.

That’s precisely what happened in 2019, but due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Team Johncock was unable to race in the 2020 event.  However, earlier this month, they did their thing.  In case you were wondering, Logan weighs 120 lbs. and the running wheelchair-another 60 lbs. Logan was born with Angelman syndrome, a chromosomal abnormality and is completely nonverbal.  However, when he’s in the chair, running with Dad, “He absolutely loves it.  He just lights up. He smiles. Logan could spend hours in that chair running with his dad,” says mom, Carol Johncock.  (quote from Spectrum News)