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For many kids, the only decent meal they get all day is lunch at school. But one North Carolina School district seems to be cutting the size of their lunch portions. According to WBTV Gaston County schools are feeling the strain of supply chain issues that are impacting the country. The news organization spoke with Ashley Jackson who has two children in the district.

According to Jackson, at Cramerton Middle where her daughter is an eighth-grader, many days there isn’t enough food to get through lunch, and when there is options are limited. She alleges that some meals have been “a scoop of macaroni and cheese and a roll” or “four chicken nuggets” for high school kids. Jackson took to social media to voice her concerns and was surprised to receive comments from across the county of other parents who reported the same issues at their children’s schools.

And this issue isn’t all that recent. According to her daughter, this has been happening for weeks. When asked why she didn’t speak up sooner, she said they were used to it. It’s so important to talk to kids because they sometimes just assume things are the way they are supposed to be.

She wishes the school or district had been more vocal about the issue and says she would have been more than willing to pack a lunch for her child or any that needed one. While she realizes the issue is supply chain-based and doesn’t blame the district she does want more transparency and communication.

According to WBTV they reached out to Gaston County Schools for a statement on the supply chain issues and portion sizes. They were told that yes they are having supply issues but  “our schools have enough food to serve to students/staff.”

Not only is school lunch the only meal many children get in a day it’s also critical to their ability to learn. No word on if other North Carolina School districts are cutting lunch portions in response to the supply chain shortages.

Source  WBTV