Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

It’s a question I have been hearing among my friends for about a week.  “When does daylight savings time end”?  In my world, it is a sad sad day.  It means less time to ride horses or hike or do all the things I love to do outside.  The plus is, bonfires can start sooner?  You can get your kids to agree to go to bed earlier?  Let’s stay positive.

Daylight savings time originated for farmers originally.  The thought being, they would have more time in the day to plant and harvest.  It gave farmers a few more precious minutes in the fields to get their work done.  To learn more about the time changes just go right here.

I have kept you in suspense long enough.  Clocks needs to fall back one hour this coming Sunday morning November 7.  My husband and I thought we would take a little day trip to the mountains to enjoy our extra hour that will be going away soon and enjoying the leaves in peak .

Sidenote:  We went to Valle Crucis for the first time and it is absolutely gorgeous!  Here are a few pics from this past weekend.  There is still lots of color to enjoy!