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So, yesterday I went and joined a gym near our new home.  It’s that time of year when I look at the food holidays lying ahead and say, “Alright, you need to start reigning it in before you have to check yourself in somewhere.”  Now I’m a cardio guy.  For me, to lose weight it’s simple…I’ve got to eat less and move more.  Once the weight is off, then I will concentrate on core strengthening.  And these 4 exercises will do the trick.  All of these videos show proper form.  This is always important as the worst thing you can do is hurt yourself with improper technique.  SO…if you want a flatter stomach, do these 4 exercises.  According to a personal fitness trainer, along with eating healthy and additional exercising, here are the exercises he recommends doing everyday if you want to achieve that goal of a flatter stomach:

Vacuum Pose

Ab Wheel Rollout

Side Plank with Rotation

Lying Leg Raise

Each move should be done 3-4 times through and consistently to see results.