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Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

Well, I sure will miss it.  As someone who has worked in uptown Charlotte or close to it for most of my career, I frequented Price’s Chicken Coop probably more than I should have.  Just ask my jeans.  But of course Price’s is no longer there, it closed a couple of months ago after 59 years  in business.

So, what’s next?  Well now we know!  According to Channel 9, a 30 story tower will cover both 1600 and 1614 Camden Road and that swallows up what was Price’s  That’s a big building so what is going in it?

Get your pocketbooks out because ultra luxury apartments are going in and by luxury I am sure that means expensive. At least that is what I assume:) Nevertheless, if you can afford it and have always wanted to live in Southend, now is your chance to get in on a studio, one two or three bedroom apartment.  There will be 9.500 square feet on the bottom floor of restaurants and shops.

To learn more just go right here