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A month or so ago, we played a song on the radio called, “Beer Beer Truck Truck.”  We may have even made fun of the title (knowing me, that’s almost a given).  And then, that was about it.  Flash forward to two nights ago at our 50th Anniversary Stage of Stars Show, and I was introduced to George Birge.  I remember this being that song’s artist and I was convinced he was there to beat my brains in for making fun of his title.  Turns out I was wrong…thankfully.  We actually have a lot in common (specifically being born and raised in Texas and a love of Tecovas boots) and turns out his Nashville story is one-of-a-kind.  It involves Clay Walker (BIG TIME), a teacher here in the Queen City, and yes…”Beer Beer Truck Truck.”

And just when I thought our conversation was over, George asks, “Hey, you got five more minutes?  I’ve got something else I want you to hear.”  How many times does an up-and-coming Nashville songwriter have one of his tunes about to be recorded by one of the biggest stars in the world…and asks him NOT TO DO IT?!  Check out the story of George Birge’s next single, “Mind on You.”