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AUGUSTA, GEORGIA - APRIL 14: Tiger Woods of the United States celebrates after sinking his putt to win during the final round of the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club on April 14, 2019 in Augusta, Georgia. (Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

I preface what I’m going to write next with this disclaimer to avoid vicious attacks by a very loud, yet small group of people.  I can separate my admiration for an person’s/athlete’s professional exploits from how they choose to live their personal life.  I think, throughout history, most people would be stunned by how flawed personally some of their favorite athletes, actors, singers, etc. were/are in their personal lives.  That being said, on the short list of my favorite athletes of all-time, at or near the top is Tiger Woods.  The things I’ve watched him do on a golf course with my own two eyes in person and on TV are nothing short of amazing.  However, his greatest achievement may have begun with this video over the weekend.

In February, Tiger Woods flipped his SUV down an embankment in California and shattered his right leg.  Doctors were able to save his limb and stabilize it with a rod and several screws.  Most people said, “Well, this is it.  After all his OTHER injuries over the years, there’s no way he can overcome this and return to professional golf, right?”  )Not to go into too much detail but Tiger has overcome numerous leg and knee surgeries, multiple back surgeries, and spinal fusion to return to greatness in the past)  Then came this Tweet with just two words:  making progress.  Fans like me can only hope.