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Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

Things can get ugly in a bathroom line.  In no way was this Morgan Wallen’s fault but one woman was sent to the hospital during his concert in Mobile, Alabama.  It wasn’t Morgan’s fault, the concert’s fault or the fault of anyone in his crew; it was another fan.

A woman got sucker punched and knocked out while waiting in line for the bathroom.  According to Fox 10, She says it was because she allegedly skipped the line. “The other woman said I skipped the line, I said I’m sorry, I didn’t see you but you can get in front of me now.  She called me a name and that was the last thing I remember”.

Video has surfaced of the fight but let me warn you, this is graphic.  You can check out the new story that includes the video right here, 

The video shows a few guys trying to separate the two women but you can see the attacker throwing knees into the face of the woman.  The victim says she was knocked unconscious, suffered a broken nose, concussion and facial lacerations.  A nearby nurse was able to help after the attack.  Police are searching for the woman that hit her. I suspect alcohol was involved.