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Okay, so admittedly this may be just for space geeks like me, but it is just too cool not to share.  I don’t know how many of you have been following the exploits of NASA’s “Ingenuity,” but if you haven’t, check this out.  Ingenuity is, technically, a “powered, controlled flying machine.”  Let me give you the real world description:  it’s a remote controlled helicopter equipped with essentially, a “Go Pro.”  So why is video of it so cool?  Hello…it’s flying around on MARS!

This video was taken on September 4th from NASA’s “Perseverence” rover (similar to the one pictured above).  The travel distance depicted is about 700 feet horizontally, at an altitude of 26 feet. The video was shot from a distance of about 1000 feet away.  And again, this is on MARS.