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So, we’ve been waiting for this to come out for some time.  Well, actually, we’ve been waiting for the movie version starring Will Ferrell to come out (supposedly some time next year).  Debbie is from Corsicana, Texas.  The town’s population is approximately 23,000 (and dwindling everyday <g>), and feels MUCH smaller than that.  It is a CLASSIC small Texas town where there are a few employers that basically are the economy.  In Corsicana’s case, it’s The Collin Street Bakery.  They are world-famous (no I’m not being facetious) for, wait for it, fruitcake.  The bakery does more than $30 million in business each year-fueled mainly by their fruitcakes.  Presidents, kings, queens, and major celebrities are regular clients.  Anyway, a few years ago, The Collin Street Bakery was the subject of a MAJOR embezzlement scandal.  And by major, I mean to the tune of more than $16 million!

I cannot recommend this documentary highly enough.  It really paints the picture of Debbie’s hometown, its people, and what big time scandal in a little town is like.  “Fruitcake Fraud” is currently streaming on Discovery+.