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One of the biggest and most successful sitcoms of the 1970s/80s was “Happy Days.”  As was the case in those days, to capitalize on that success, “spinoff” shows were developed from the original.  “Happy Days” spawned “Mork and Mindy” (making a star of Robin Williams) and “Laverne and Shirley.”  Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall (pictured above) starred in this brilliant comedy of two, single girls in Milwaukee working at a brewery and navigating life.  Cindy’s (Shirley) boyfriend on the show was a dancer/singer/boxer, “Carmine ‘The Big Ragu’ Ragusa.”  He was played by Eddie Mekka.

Mekka was found dead in his home in California on Saturday.  According to TMZ, Eddie had recently been hospitalized for blood clots and could barely walk … there’s no indication his death was suspicious or that there was any foul play involved.  Eddie Mekka was 69.  RIP to “The Big Ragu”