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Tell me if you’ve got the same problem in your home that I do in mine.  All I’ve heard for the last two homes we’ve lived in is “I wish we had a fireplace.”  Not that she-who-lives-in-my-home-and-is-related-to-me-by-marriage ever used the last fireplace(s) very much, she just likes the thought of having one.  Starting to sound familiar?  Especially at the holidays?  Then do I have a solution for you!  Got an Apple TV, but no fireplace? Yep, there’s an app for that. For 99 cents, you can download the Fireplace Channel to stream on your TV. So for under a dollar, you could crank up your heater but still have the visual ambiance that a fireplace provides.

While the Fireplace Channel can’t totally replace an actual fireplace, it does run on your Apple TV without interrupting any audio you may be playing. SO…you can have a holiday playlist going on Christmas morning WHILE running your fireplace app.  AND there’s no mess.