Charlie & Debbie

Weekdays 3:00PM - 7:00PM

Long ago, Debbie and I’s relationship with Santa Claus had progressed to such a point that we asked him if we could help with what HAS to be an ongoing problem.  What happens if mom and dad don’t have time to get the little ones to Santa’s lap to give their wishes?  What happens if YOU DO get them to Santa, only to return home and hear, “Oh no…Mom and Dad I forgot to tell him _____!”  Thus, our “Santa Claus Hotline” was born.

The number to call is 704-227-8761.  And remember, this is a voicemail, so Santa won’t be talking back, but we promised all the wishes will be heard.  Leave your name, what city you are from, and then just let those wishes fly!  As an added bonus, you just might hear your little one’s list shared as we think these messages are just too adorable.  Playback on those occurs at 3:50 and 6:20.  Our Santa Claus Hotline is open now thru Christmas Eve at 704-227-8761