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Thomas Rhett, like a lot of us, has been feeling the stress of the last couple of years amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but he is looking ahead to 2022 with joy.

Thomas told us, “You know, I think 2022 is gonna feel like the most normal year since 2019. I don’t know, I feel content, I feel clearheaded, I feel joyful. I feel thankful that we got to play shows this year in the first place. But I do feel like it was somewhat of a warm-up. I cannot wait to get back on the road in 2022 and have a new record under my belt, having a couple of new singles off this project out.”

He added, “It’s just gonna be a great year to get back on the road and get to go out on the road with some new friends and get to see a bunch of my favorite people. Just watching the fans file into those shows is literally one of my favorite feelings on the planet.”

Last night (12/15), Rhett posted a photo of himself (covered in what looks like spit-up) holding his new baby at home. He captioned the photo, “We back.”

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